Spinelli Air Conditioning is happy to announce that we are now an Ecobee installer!

Live in balance with smart thermostats that harmonize energy savings and home comfort. All Ecobee thermostats are thoughtfully designed with features that bring you comfort at home and control from anywhere.

So far, Ecobee smart thermostat owners have saved enough energy to take all the homes in Las Vegas off the grid for a year.

  • Saves up to 23% on annual energy costs.
  • Controllable from a smartphone.
  • Keeps important rooms comfortable with SmartSensor. (Included with SmartThermostat with voice control.)

Contact Spinelli Air Conditioning today to schedule your Ecobee Thermostat installation and full product demo in your home or business! START SAVING TODAY!

We Keep You Cool!

eco+ makes saving energy automatic

Unlock even more energy savings and enhanced comfort with eco+, our next-generation software that elevates the world’s most advanced smart thermostat.

  • Reduces strain on the electricity grid.¹
  • Automatically heats or cools when electricity is cheaper and cleaner.¹
  • Adjusts for Comfort in high and low humidity.
  • Learns your routine and recommends changes to your thermostat schedule.

Alerts worthy of your attention.

Stay on top of your home’s well-being, even while you’re away, by being alerted to events like sudden temperature drops or spikes.

Vacation without the worry.

Set vacation mode in the ecobee app to conserve energy and enjoy your trip with one less worry.

Comfort that adapts to you.

Pre-heat or cool your home from the app if arriving earlier than expected.