That first cool evening, the halloween decorations at Costco and Walmart, and Pumpkin Spice coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts are the signs that fall has arrived in South Florida. Not quite the feeling that Hallmark Channel gives off, but hey, we do live in a tropical paradise, so we take what we can get. Below are five tips from the air conditioning professionals at Spinelli Air Conditioning who want you to get the most energy savings and performance out of your AC and heating systems.

Change your Thermostat
You’ve changed your clocks. Did remember to change your thermostat? Changing of the clocks is a great time to change the temperature settings on your air conditioning thermostat.

Turn on Your Heat
Woah, what’s that smell? It’s ok and totally normal, for the first time. Its just dust that has collected on your heating components. It will go away shortly. If your heat doesn’t come on at all, then you may need to put in an air-conditioning and heating repair call to Spinelli Air Conditioning.

Reverse the Direction of Your Ceiling Fans
Want to cut heating costs? Did you know your ceiling fans can go in reverse? If you look at the base (just above the light fixture if you have one) or just below the fan blades, you can flip the switch up and your fan will go in reverse, helping distribute the warm air efficiently. Remember, your fan must be off to do this.

Replace Your Air-Conditioning Filter
You should be regularly cleaning and/or replacing your air-conditioning system filters. We recommend changing filters once a month. Just by doing this on a routine basis your energy bills could be reduced by 5 %- 15%. Also, it cuts down on the dust and allergens that can aggravate your sinuses.

Schedule an Autumn Clean and Check
If you haven’t done so already, schedule your annual clean and check air-conditioning service with Spinelli Air Conditioning. As the cooler temperatures approach, our technicians will be available to service your air-conditioning system quickly. We want to make sure all of the elements of your heating and cooling systems are in top notch condition so it can provide you the level of comfort you deserve. Call today to schedule your clean and check by calling 561-741-2825. We Keep You Cool!