Spingtime is Here!

Forget what the calendar says, in South Florida it's Springtime weather, hey it's even bordering on some Summer weather, lately. The rains are finally starting to come with some more frequency and the grass and plants are growing again. Get Planting! Now is a great time to think about adding some shade providing plants or palms on the south and western facing windows. Heat comes in windows more easily than any other part of your house, so you might be amazed what a little shade on your windows might provide. [...]

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Happy Valentine’s Day – Save 15% Off!

We get it that your A/C might not be first on your Valentine's List...hey, maybe its not even on it...GASP! It's time to show it a little love and make sure that you A/C is serviced and operating at its optimum level to keep you comfortable and save you $$. Please give us a call today at 561-741-2825.

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DIY Solutions for Your HVAC System

We understand that a service call isn't always your first option, so for those of you that have the desire, below are some DIY solution tips for checking your HVAC system out from www.Hometips.com. As with most DIY tips, these are a great place to start trying to assess what may be wrong with your HVAC system. Sometimes, it will be something within your level of repair capability, but other times it will be more than you bargained for. In the case of the latter, give us a call at [...]

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Check Out the All-New AccuLink™ Platinum 950 Control

Give us a call today at 561-741-2825 to learn about our products at services including the new AccuLink Platiunum 950 Control. Our most advanced, integrated control for ultimate home comfort. Powerful zoning and scheduling options AccuLink™ Communicating capabilities The latest in home comfort technology Product Highlights 7-inch high-definition color touchscreen is easy to use in any light Lets you program wake, leave, return, sleep and vacation heat and cool settings for seven different days Automatically communicates and coordinates with your other system components via the AccuLink™ Communicating System Create heating [...]

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Happy New Year from Spinelli Air Conditioning!

We hope that you had a wonderful New Year's! We look forward to a prosperous 2017. If you are in need of any Air Conditioning Service or upgrades, we would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to server you and make your house more comfortable. Give us a call at 561-741-2825.

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10 Holiday Energy Saving Tips

Since we are fortunate to live in a climate with a mild to warm winter, our HVAC usage is mostly at a minimal. With this in mind, we'd like o give you some other tips to save power around the house during the holiday season. If you do have an HVAC issue during the holidays, give Spinelli A/C a call at 561-741-2825. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from Our Family to Yours. 10 Energy Saving Tips 1. Switch to LED Christmas Lights LED Christmas lights use 90% less electricity than [...]

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Holiday Savings!

It's that time of the year, despite our pretty mild weather, the holiday season is upon us. Even though you might not be using your HVAC right now, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't take advantage of your down time to give us a call and have your annual service check taken care of. Now is the perfect time to as we are running a special 15% off any service call this week! So while your debating about running out to fight the holiday crowds or not, take advantage of [...]

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Consumer Reports A/C Buying Guide

In order to ensure you purchase the right HVAC system for your needs, a little prior research goes a long way. If you aren't the researching type, we still recommend at least a brief overview like the one provided here so that you can understand what our representative is going to be discussing with you at your home or place of business. Whatever the selection, we can assure you that we will provide you with the best unit, at the best price and with the best service possible. At Spinelli [...]

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