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Congratulations to Tiger Woods!

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Congratulations to Tiger Woods for winning his 5th Green Jacket at The Masters. It was an epic performance and certainly one for the record books. This week, receive 15% off ANY service or repair if you can tell us when the last time Tiger Woods won at the Masters. (Hint: if your A/C unit is this old, there is a good chance we can make it run better with a good service...or swap it out for a Newer, More Efficient one! Call today at 561-741-2825 and let us know the [...]

What happened to Spring?

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What happened to Spring?...this weekend sure was a warm one. Be sure that your A/C is in top notch order by calling us to do a full system test, or if you are in need of a new is the time to get it installed before you have to suffer through the heat! Give us a call today at 561-741-2825. Remember, We Keep You Cool!

It’s Time for a Nest Thermostat!

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Wouldn't it be nice to not have to get up in the middle of the night, or during a great movie to turn down your A/C. The Nest Smart Thermostat can do it all for you, based on your personal preferences! Let us install a Nest Smart Thermostat in your home. It quickly learns your habits, like when you are home, the temps that you like to keep your house at during the day or night, and when you aren't home. All of this will not only save you$$, but [...]

How clean is the air in your house?

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Did you know that professionally installed UV lights and Clean Sanitized Ducts can immediately improve your indoor air quality? At Spinelli Air Conditioning, our professional indoor air consultants can install the best air cleaners, air purifiers, and air filtration systems which quickly work to remove harmful airborne pollutants from your indoor air. We also offer Duct Cleaning & Sanitizing as well as air filtration systems including ultra violet lights. Call Spinelli Air Conditioning today and see how to improve the quality of the air your breathe in your home. Call [...]


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JOINING OUR PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE CLUB TODAY. IT IS EASY AND SAVES YOU MONEY! Keeping you air conditioner running at peak efficiency, is one of the best ways to stay cool, and prevent issues from arising. Just like you need to properly maintain your car, your home air conditioner needs routine attention as well. Air conditioner preventative maintenance is an important part of keeping your air conditioner running and can reduce air conditioner repair bills in the long run. You can give us a call today at 561-741-2825. We Keep You [...]

See What Everyone is Saying About Spinelli A/C

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We love our customers and it is always great to hear feedback from them about how we did our job and improved their A/C situation. We also hope that it helps you to hear from your friends' & neighbors' experiences with us. Please, take a few minutes to read through our reviews and feel confident in trusting us to fulfill your A/C needs!

What people say about us, means a lot

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What people say about us, means a us and it should matter to you too! How well we treat our customers is tops in our mind. As frustrating as a broken A/C unit can be, we do our best to turn those feelings around by leaving you both satisfied with our service, but also the quality of the products we sell. Give us a call at 561-741-2825, today!

Warmer days are here!

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It looks like warmer days have arrived. :( Our A/C's are coming back to life all around South Florida. With the A/C on again, it means the quality the air you breathe inside is even more important. Do you replace your air filter every month? Keeping your A/C filter clean is the easiest part of keeping your system healthy and efficient. Click here to learn more about air quality. Or if you are interested in joining our maintenance program, click here. Give us a call today! 561-741-2825