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Air quality

Has anyone been outside lately? It's either muggy and hot or a monsoon! Guess that means back inside with some glorious A/C! But, don't let the quality of air in your home or business make you sick! The quality of the air in your house is often something that people overlook. There is much more to it than replacing your [...]

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Nest Thermostat

Now is the time for a New Thermostat!   Who wouldn’t like to not have to keep changing the thermostat? Get a Nest Learning Thermostat and let it learn your schedule, and your temperature preferences, and just let it do its thing!   The Nest learns what temperatures you like, turns itself down when you’re away and connects to your [...]

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We know that you HVAC system never picks the right time to break, and even if you are just installing a new one for the first time, the flexibility of financing the installation and equipment can really be a savior. We understand that int today’s busy and expensive world, that no everyone may be able to get approved by a [...]

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